Our story

Every story begins with a journey. Sometimes it is a journey within yourself and other times it takes a 52-hour bus trip within the depths of Africa to build a strong friendship and a business idea. This is how Silja Thor and Ralph de Groot met and how Restoranto was born.

As they traveled, they were shocked by the poverty and the lack of nutrition in Uganda, so they decided to take responsibility and help bring positive change to a community they had started to care about.

Restoranto’s inspiration comes from an old Ugandan proverb: “Gava mu kulya.” It means that food is the source of energy, power and wisdom. There is so much depth in this saying. We truly believe that food is the beginning of everything. Proper nutrition should be the right of every person, so we strive to make this possible. Moreover, a satisfied stomach can ignite a brilliant mind into achieving amazing things

You Eat, You Feed

Imagine that each time you enjoy a nutritious meal, a child is also having a warm meal that will help him or her stay healthy, and that will keep them from dropping out of school. Our goal is to pass this mission on to you. That’s why we say: “You Eat, You Feed”. For every meal you order through the Restoranto app, we donate a meal to a child in hunger in Uganda.

Each meal turns into a opportunity for these children to discover the world and develop into individuals that will soon be able to contribute to their communities. The biggest struggle that Ugandan families encounter is feeding their children. By taking some of this pressure off, we help parents concentrate their efforts on building a more sustainable future. Since all the food is sourced locally – from local farmers and local food vendors – the local economy is stimulated. We want to relieve the stress, the frustration and bitterness that hunger can bring and make way for new ideas to come to life.

Let’s do this together

The fight against world hunger should not be a difficult one, it just needs one firm step at a time. And everything is easier when you have a friend next to you on this path! We believe in your power to drive this change. Let’s imagine a brighter future together!

Our Team

Silja Thor is an Icelandic serial entrepreneur, who has throughout her career worked and lived in 9 countries while traveling all over the world. Her passion for sustainability brought her to Uganda where she met co-founder Ralph de Groot, and the rest is history.

Ralph de Groot is a Dutch entrepreneur and public speaker, who loves to travel and go out for dinner (preferably combining the two!) Visiting Uganda confirmed that starting a social venture would be the perfect way to create a cool innovative company while making a lasting change.

Christian Spaargaren is a Dutch entrepreneur and serial traveler who is passionate about the outdoors and Restoranto. A typical ‘manusje van alles’ and self proclaimed foodie.

Robin Simon immediately liked the idea of Restoranto when he first heard about it and wanted to be part of it. Besides his undying love for programming and tech, he loves going out for dinners (mainly as he claims to be a horrible chef himself).

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