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About the Restoranto Project

When you use Restoranto, you eat, you feed. That means that with every meal booking made through Restoranto, we donate a meal to a hungry person in Uganda. Not only do we donate a meal to those in need, we also stimulate the local economy by creating a business with small food vendors in Uganda. Restoranto has collaborated with the GAVA Project in Uganda on this social venture project as the two organizations share the same vision; of decreasing  hunger among  Uganda´s poor and enabling the community to create a sustainable future

It all starts with food

The GAVA Project draws its name from the Lugandan proverb “Gava mu kulya” which means the source of energy, power and wisdom is food. With satisfied stomach comes the ability to have energy, to have an effectively functioning mind, and positive reasoning. Similarly, one of Restoranto core mission is connecting people through food. We believe that food is one of the best ways of connecting people, whether that is families, friends or simply strangers. In this sense, food truly is the beginning of everything.


“Download the app and help a person in need”

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